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3D Printing at the Engineering World Health Symposium

Article by Paul Sesto created/updated February 22, 2016

Javelin was proud to be one of the sponsors for the annual Engineering World Health Symposium – UofT Chapter held at the University of Toronto on February 22, 2016. EWH-UofT aims to motivate and mobilize the student community to improve health car in low- and middle-income countries focusing their efforts on engineering, education and innovation. See

University of Toronto Students

University of Toronto Students

As a sponsor, Javelin also exhibited at the event and had the opportunity to speak with undergraduate & graduate engineering students, faculty and business people involved in the medical industry.

It was apparent that while high-end 3D printing takes place at the area universities for a variety of applications, many attendees were only familiar with the very basic level of 3D printing from consumer/hobby level printers. Such attendees were amazed with the sample 3D printed parts at the Javelin display and were at first in disbelief that these realistic models with their multiple materials and colours were all 3D printed in a single print on Stratasys commercial grade 3D printers.

Javelin Booth at the Engineering World Health Symposium

Javelin Booth at the Engineering World Health Symposium

These models were produced by our Stratasys Polyjet technology with its ability to produce highly detailed models from liquid photo-polymers that can be digitally mixed for both material properties & colour. Other display models demonstrated the strength & performance that could be achieved by our Stratasys FDM (fused deposition modeling) technology with engineered thermoplastic materials through our Fortus line of printers


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