The 3D Printing Journey for Students

Article by Paul Sesto updated June 21, 2016

3D Printing Journey for Students

A student with a 3D Printed part

As Javelin’s 3D Printing Education Specialist, I regularly speak with Canadian teachers, educators, professors & technical staff from elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities.

What I truly enjoy about the education market is the willingness to share experiences and stories. Due to this information sharing between colleagues and friends, there are plenty of resources available online about 3D printers in the classroom, including lesson plans, design ideas and more. I also have the opportunity to share this information, and to connect teachers, librarians and educators with each other to help them best implement Stratasys & MakerBot 3D printer technology.

3D printing is a fantastic tool for many industries, including manufacturing, industrial design, engineering, architecture, and more. In these applications, 3D printers help companies create customized products and get those products to the market faster. Companies are also using 3D printers well beyond the product development stage with applications for injection molding, jigs & fixtures and more. 3D printed end-use parts can be implemented nearly anywhere, from your dentist’s office to the commercial aircrafts we fly on.

The 3D Printing Journey for Students

At Javelin we believe that 3D printing is all about the journey for students. The 3D printed part is the destination, but what the students are learning along the way is the most important part – the journey.

3D printing is sparking students’ imagination, helping build problem-solving & teamwork skills, and helping them become interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) as well as STEAM (that’s STEM with the creativity of ARTS). So it becomes – “Not what you did today, but what you learned today!”

In order to successfully integrate 3D printing into elementary & secondary schools you need two things:

  1. Safe, reliable, robust 3D printers – like our MakerBot Mini and Replicator 5th Generation or our Stratasys Mojo and uPrint SE/SE Plus
  2. A learning curriculum integrated into the various courses

With Stratasys you give your students a key advantage in the employment market. The same Stratasys 3D Printers in use at many academic and technical institutions are also used by your students’ future employers at Fortune500 companies and other leading design and manufacturing businesses around the world.

To learn more about 3D printing in the education field, and to help you get started, fill in the form below for a free copy of the PDF book: “MakerBot in the Classroom”. This book is an excellent introduction to 3D printing technology. It also includes some lesson ideas to get you started in the classroom.

3D Printing Journey for Students

High school students using a 3D Printer

In future blog posts we will be discussing factors to consider when choosing a 3D printer for your classroom, including:

  • Your goals & visions
  • Printer materials
  • Health & safety concerns
  • Where to install your 3D printer

This information will help make your school’s 3D printer implementation successful and will add an overall benefit to your student’s learning journey.  

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