Checking for electrical panel interference detection with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D [VIDEO]

Article by Justin Flett updated June 1, 2016


One question we are commonly asked when it comes to electrical panel layouts is…

How can I tell if there will be any interference or collision within my electrical enclosure?

Within a SOLIDWORKS assembly there are two very useful methods for electrical panel interference detection between components: interference detection, and collision detection.  In this example we take a look at closing an electrical panel door.  If there are any interferences or collisions between the door and enclosure components SOLIDWORKS will let us know.

Electrical panel interference detection

Electrical Panel

Interference Detection

Using the Interference Detection command, we can search an entire assembly or any individual subassemblies for interferences between components in a static state.  If an interference is found, SOLIDWORKS will display the interference in red as well as list the size and the components affected by this interference.  From here it is as simple as resizing or relocating certain components to avoid the interference in question.

Collision Detection

Another option is using the Move component command with collision detection enabled.  This is a more dynamic illustration as we can simulate opening and closing the panel door as one would in a real life scenario.  This will illustrate the full range of motion of the panel based on all moving components, and we have options to stop the motion and signal us whenever a collision may occur.  This helps show us what the current full range of motion is for this panel door, and once again we can make size or location changes to help obtain the range of motion we desire.

The video below shows an example of the process:

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