How to create a SOLIDWORKS Composer Executable (.exe) Package [VIDEO]

Article by Justin Flett updated August 11, 2016


There are a number of options to help export final outputs for your Composer projects. Perhaps one of the most useful options to save out your composer projects for customers or clients viewing is the Save as SOLIDWORKS Composer Package option.

This option saves an .exe file which holds ALL project information as well as a copy of the SOLIDWORKS Composer viewer.  This means that anyone on nearly any machine can open and view your project, without needing any Composer software installer on their computer.

An easy to open package

To save a SOLIDWORKS Composer Package simply go to File > Save as Package, this will save your entire project as a SOLIDWORKS Composer Package (.exe).  It also gives you options for password protection and accuracy reduction to help protect your highly secure projects.  Depending on your project size, the file compression software does a great job to reduce your package to a few megabytes, which means it can easily be sent over email or thrown onto a USB drive.

The video below shows the benefits of the Save as Package function:

Learn more about Composer

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