My SOLIDWORKS model is missing? Check if the solid body is hidden!

Article by Mehdi Rezaei, CSWE updated August 2, 2016


Is your SOLIDWORKS model missing? The part file exists but there is no model visible when you open the document? The features are listed but there is nothing in the graphic area? You probably can see a ghost outline of the model by moving your mouse pointer over the features, however, the model itself is missing.

This problem usually occurs when a solid body that contain the model has a hidden display setting.

SOLIDWORKS model missing

Only a Ghost of the Model Is Present in Graphic Area.

Show Solid Bodies

The following image demonstrates how to show a hidden solid body. At top of the FeatureManager Design Tree, right-click on the name of the model and select Hidden Tree Items > Solid Bodies > Show Solid Body. As a result, the model appears in the graphic area instead of a ghost outline.

Shown Bodies

Show Solid Bodies

Show Solid Bodies Folder

Alternatively, by setting the this folder to Show at all times, in case of above issue, the hidden bodies could be captured by checking that folder in the FeatureManager Design Tree. The hidden bodies could be set to show by clicking on them at the FM tree and select show on the pop-up toolbar. Set the Solid Bodies folder to show on the drop down menu under Tools > Options > FeatureManager > Solid Bodies.

Options Show Bodies

Show Solid Bodies System Option

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