SOLIDWORKS Steel Detailing [On-demand WEBINAR]

Article by Rod Mackay updated September 7, 2016


Watch our on-demand webinar to see SOLIDWORKS steel detailing tools and techniques. The webinar features the Steel Detailer (TSD), a new software product that works inside SOLIDWORKS to automate the creation of detailed structural models and fabrication drawings, reducing the time from concept to completion. Based on more than 20 years of experience in the construction and mining industry. The Steel Detailer (TSD) has been specifically designed to fit the needs of designers in the structural detailing and construction industries.

Quick and easy model creation

Easily create your structures by inserting members directly onto layout sketches, populating all line segments including bends. Typical members include beams, columns, concrete panelshandrail panels, timber walls, brick walls, purlins, girts, rafters, trusses, conveyor modules, and much more.

Library and File Management

Models are stored inside The Steel Detailer’s library alongside associated parts, assemblies and drawings and can be inserted together, renamed and referenced automatically inside projects. TSD includes auto number assignment for parts and assemblies based on your project set-up details, which are then associated with a drawing for seamless file management of your entire design.

Automated Drawings

When a library member, section, or plate is modeled, a drawing is also created as a template. A simple upload to the library and you have a drawing template that automatically updates upon insertion.

Learn more about TSD

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