How to use SOLIDWORKS Auto Balloon for components hidden from view

Article by Justin Flett updated February 13, 2017


When you require internal components of your assembly to be ballooned in a drawing, you may find that components hidden from view will not be ballooned using the SOLIDWORKS Auto Balloon tool even if they are present in the related BOM?

The drawing below shows one such example, where ‘Item No. 3’ are internal batteries which in this case have not been ballooned as they are not visible in the drawing view.

Balloon View Hidden Lines Removed: Internal Items not Shown

Now in most cases the best approach would be to generate an additional view where internal components are visible (such as a detail, section, or exploded view for example).  However, in some scenarios you may want all internal components to have balloons attached even if they are not visible we can do a simple trick that will apply internal ballooning.

Technique: Using a Display State

If the display state is changed to Hidden Lines Visible, now all internal components become visible and can be ballooned automatically with the SOLIDWORKS Auto Balloon tool.  Note that once the display state is changed to Hidden Lines Visible and auto ballooning is performed we can choose to keep the display in this state or we can toggle back to Hidden Lines Removed, and our internal item balloons will still be active!

SOLIDWORKS Auto Balloon Hidden Components

Balloon View Hidden Lines Visible: Internal Items Shown

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