SOLIDWORKS Electrical Smart PDF

Article by Justin Flett updated May 9, 2017


One of the many benefits of using SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic for your electrical design needs is the ability to output a SOLIDWORKS Electrical Smart PDF.

A SOLIDWORKS Electrical Smart PDF is a PDF file which holds additional information.  For example, all documents, locations, and components are bookmarked making it extremely simple to navigate to specific sheets or specific components within your projects.  The image below shows a smart PDF with all bookmarks generated.  Notice, this may even look very familiar and similar to how our documents manager and component manager looks in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical software, and we can navigate to sheets or components in a very similar manner!

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Smart PDF

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Smart PDF

There is even more smart functionality such as the ability to jump between origin/destination arrows or jump between associated components by simply clicking on the symbols in the PDF.

To export your electrical schematic project into a smart PDF we can just go to the Import/Export tab and select “Export PDF files” here we have a number of options and settings we can select but the “create bookmarks and hyperlinks” option should be checked off to ensure our smart PDF comes in with our specific bookmarks and hyperlinks to jump between components.

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