How to speed up your engineering quality inspection process

Article by Sam Sharkawi updated August 12, 2017


Do you manually balloon drawings by hand?
Is it time consuming to create Inspection drawings and reports?
Wish there was a way to streamline the process from design to inspection?

GOOD NEWS! SOLIDWORKS Inspection software can eliminate a lot of the tedious and time consuming tasks associated with creating inspection documents!

Why are Inspection Documents important?

Before we get into SOLIDWORKS Inspection let’s first discuss why quality inspection process important?

Inspection documents and reports are used in common quality assurance processes. In this process it is made sure that everything that’s important or critical in the model is illustrated and measured to see if it conforms to the standard or deviation set.

How does SOLIDWORKS Inspection come to play? SOLIDWORKS Inspection comes in two versions:

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Add-in

The add-in interface gives users the ability to automatically balloon SOLIDWORKS drawings.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Add-in Quality Inspection Process

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Add-in

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standalone version

The other interface works as standalone which will import PDF’s and Tiff’s as well as projects from the SolidWorks Inspection Add-in. The standalone works off of OCR technology where the software will recognize characters by selecting over the characteristics needed!

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standalone version

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standalone version

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Capabilities

SOLIDWORKS Inspection has many capabilities such as:

  • The ability to compare drawings
  • Grid layout makes finding information faster
  • Personalized templates that work with your standards
  • Advanced filtering capabilities
  • and more!

The Professional version adds more, such as the ability to connect to CMM machines and automatic verification!

Want to see how SOLIDWORKS Inspection works?

Please contact us for a demonstration of effective Quality Inspection Process with SOLIDWORKS Inspection, or take a look at this recorded webinar for more information!

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