How to display a Wire Bump / Cross Over in SOLIDWORKS PCB

Article by Justin Flett updated August 15, 2017


In many traditional Electrical Schematic drawings, engineers and designers would draw ‘wire bumps’ in any areas where a schematic line would cross over other schematic lines to help show visibly that the lines simply cross over each other and are not actually connected to each other.

Cross Over / Wire Bump

Cross Over / Wire Bump

As electrical design packages have become more and more advanced however, the need for these cross overs/wire bumps have become less and less necessary as the software packages can now be smart enough to determine on their own when lines are connected and when they are simply crossing over.

That being said, many designers and engineers still prefer to have the traditional option of visible wire bumps turned on as it can help increase the readability of their schematics. For example, if the schematics are to be printed out on a black and white sheet of paper it still may be useful to have these wire bumps to help show visually where lines may be connected or jump crossing over.

For this reason it is very handy that in SOLIDWORKS PCB you have the option to turn off or on these wire bumps or ‘cross overs’ as suits your own personal or company preferences and standards. The schematic below as we can see, has wire bumps turned off.

Schematic with no wire bumps

Schematic with no wire bumps

Turn on Cross Overs

If we prefer to have these turned on however I can simply navigate to File > System Preferences > Schematic > General tab and under the options section hit the checkbox for Display Cross Overs.

Turning on Wire Bumps "Cross-Overs"

Turning on Wire Bumps “Cross-Overs”

Once we have turned on this checkbox we can hit Apply and OK and now our wire bumps or ‘cross-overs’ have been automatically displayed on our schematic as we can see below.

Schematic with wire bumps

Schematic with wire bumps

Now we can easily turn wire bumps on and off with the click of a button throughout our projects as needed to fit our needs.

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