License Types in the SOLIDWORKS License Manager

Article by Sanja Srzic updated August 1, 2017


In the SOLIDWORKS License Manager, each SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium network license includes two entries:

  • SOLIDWORKS Professional license consists of SOLIDWORKS Standard and SOLIDWORKS Professional.
  • SOLIDWORKS Premium license consists of SOLIDWORKS Standard and SOLIDWORKS Premium.

SOLIDWORKS Standard license must be available for SOLIDWORKS to start up.  It is checked out when SOLIDWORKS is started.

SOLIDWORKS License Manager

SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager


SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium licenses in the License Manager represent Professional and Premium add-ins. When any of these add-ins are enabled, in addition to SOLIDWORKS Standard, a Professional or Premium license is checked out if available.  If selected add-ins are available in both Professional and Premium license types and both types are available, SOLIDWORKS Professional license, as a lower-level type compared to Premium, is checked out.

If none of the Professional or Premium add-ins are enabled in SOLIDWORKS, only SOLIDWORKS Standard license remains checked out.  SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium licenses remain available, but they are not sufficient to start SOLIDWORKS.

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