SOLIDWORKS Weldment Structural Member Chain Selection

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated September 17, 2017


When creating Weldment Structural Members, sketch entities are selected to create groups.  You may have a simple 2D Sketch, a complicated 3D Sketch or a mixture of both.  Groups can be several parallel (non-connected) lines or a set of connected lines.

Within the Structural Member PropertyManager, you currently CANNOT right-click on a line and use Select Chain to select an open or closed chain of entities.

SOLIDWORKS Weldment Structural Member Right-Click Menu

But you can use Select Chain BEFORE you use the Structural Members tool.  The preselected lines will be used when you start the feature.  But the preselection would need to be done before each Structural Member feature is created.

SOLIDWORKS Weldment Structural Member Chain Selection

SOLIDWORKS Preselect Open or Closed Chain of Entities

Using multiple Groups in the same feature will not have the ability to use Select Chain as they need to be preselected before starting the feature.

SOLIDWORKS Structural Member from Preselected Entities

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