SOLIDWORKS 2018 Concentric Mate now includes a Misalignment option

Article by Moe Younis updated September 18, 2017


Working with assemblies we sometimes have holes that are slightly misaligned, especially when working with imported parts from a supplier. Even though they are still within spec and will work for the intended use, we get the Over Defined ketchup and mustard in our feature tree.

But now with SOLIDWORKS 2018 we have this new option under the concentric mate called “Misalignment”.

SOLIDWORKS Concentric Mate Misalignment Option

SOLIDWORKS Concentric Mate Misalignment Option

The SOLIDWORKS Concentric Mate Misalignment option provides us with the ability to still add the mate, but choose which hole in the part[s] to be misaligned or even have the concentric mates symmetrical (meaning both will be offset the same distance).

This option also gives us the opportunity to define the maximum allowable deviation.

Misalignment Maximum deviation value

Misalignment Maximum deviation value

For those holes which cannot have any deviation, don’t worry this option can be disabled through the System Options hiding the option from the PropertyManager.

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