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SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 User Experience Enhancements

Article by Delvin Masilamani created/updated January 22, 2018

SOLIDWORKS 2018 focused on delivering better user experience to the electrical design community. Below are some of our favorite SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 User Experience enhancements:

Symbol Editor

The Edit Symbol feature has an interface update, which now allows users to Modify Index for Indexed Attributes, Modify Userdata or Translatable data index and Modify attribute language code.The “Edit Symbol” tab is visible only when a symbol is opened in Edit mode.

Edit Symbol tab

Edit Symbol tab

Library management

Library has some interface updates in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 to accommodate the changes to classification manager, part/symbol searches through respective library interfaces, and fixed cable lengths can be applied to prefabricated cables.


Import DWG tool can connect wire disconnects or simply reconnect lines that are close to each other. This offset distance can be specified during import thus reducing time spent fixing imports and increasing productivity.

Cross Reference offset

User interface updates in 2018 handle things like cross reference offset. Giving users the option to manage it either through configuration or through the Title block setup.

Changes to the Cross Reference configuration

Changes to the Cross Reference configuration

Titleblock replacements

Replacing a Titleblock in projects in 2018 gives users the option to apply to a single sheet or replace Titleblock across the entire project.

Replacing Titleblocks across a Project

Replacing Titleblocks across a Project

The Archive environment

Now in 2018, it gives users an option to simply back up all the projects, reducing the number of clicks to back up the most relevant data.

"ALL PROJECTS" option added to the Data selection tab

“ALL PROJECTS” option added to the Data selection tab

Deferred Update Mode

In 2018, We can now delay project updates to the database and control synchronization. The system manages the information at the application level and then synchronizes when forced too. By default this is turned off and would require to be enabled to get the full functionality.

Activate Deferred Update mode

Activate Deferred Update mode

Force the Project database update

Force the Project database update

Where to find the feature:

SOLIDWORKS Electrical > Process (project must be open) > Deferred update mode

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Delvin Masilamani

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