Tech Tips and Resources for the latest SOLIDWORKS release

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Overview

Watch a recording of our launch broadcast which includes demonstrations of the performance improvements, quality enhancements and new capabilities:

The production version of SOLIDWORKS 2018 is now available for Subscription Customers from the Customer Portal.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Tech Tips

SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing

Introducing SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing!

For those of you that have ever encountered SOLIDWORKS License Activation Errors in the past, or require the flexibility to run a single SOLIDWORKS License on multiple systems, we have...

New Trends in 3D Design & Manufacturing for Agriculture at DEX Saskatoon

Javelin recently exhibited at the Design Engineering Expo (DEX) Saskatoon SK. This event was a great opportunity to re-connect with many of our current customers, and to introduce ourselves to...

SOLIDWORKS PCB 2018 Top 5 Enhancements Video

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design solutions were added to SOLIDWORKS two generations ago as a result of a partnership between DS SolidWorks and Altium. The partnership yielded two products: SOLIDWORKS...

SOLIDWORKS Inspection now has SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration

As of SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP2, SOLIDWORKS PDM integration has been added to the Standalone version of SOLIDWORKS Inspection! Implementing the new functionality is easy, first toggle the option 'on' in...
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cleaning Utility

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cleaning Utility

One of the lesser known tools that gets installed along with SOLIDWORKS software is the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cleaning Utility. This utility tool can be used to permanently delete any simulation data, including...
SOLIDWORKS Terminal Strips

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 Terminal Strips and Multilevel Terminals

As SOLIDWORKS Electrical has evolved over time it managed to make software improvements to handle demands from both schematic design and electrical 3D. SOLIDWORKS Electrical Terminal Strips have improvements made...
Drawing styles

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 Drawing Styles and Attribute management

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 added new features enabling users to manage properties, and configure project Drawing styles such as Layers, Line styles and Text Styles. Just like existing configurations (such as...

Copy Tree Dynamic Variable Values in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018

One of my favorite enhancements in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018 is a new option to use dynamic values when updating Variables while performing a Copy Tree.  In the past, this functionality...
Wires 1

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 Managing Wires

In SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018, there are 3 productive changes made with regards to managing wires. Global Wire Mark Display: We can now pre-define the connection label display style directly from...