Optimize Complex SOLIDWORKS Electrical Harness Design using Super Part and Dynamic Connectors

Article by Joseph Lyon updated January 15, 2018


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Harness Design often requires the inclusion of many connectors. Creating a super part for each connector will simplify the repeated creation process while dynamic connectors allow full control over their insertion on the schematic. Connector sub-parts not included in the main connector assembly can be added to the super part, such as: backshells, bushings, grommets, or caps.

A SOLIDWORKS Electrical Super Part is simply a collection of individual parts and their respective circuits. With super part, manufacturer parts can also be associated with specific terminals and accurately represented on the drawing and bill of materials.

Creating a connector super part

  1. Creating a SOLIDWORKS Electrical Super Part:
    • Navigate to the Manufacturer parts manager > Select the Add Manufacturer part menu > Choose Add Super part > Specify the class as connectors:

      Add Super Part

      Add Super Part

  2. Populating the super part with connector parts:
    • Select Add and find the main connector assembly and any necessary sub-parts

      Populate Individual Manufacturer Parts

  3. Assign the super part to the connector
    • Create a new connector in the component tree > Right click the connector > Select Assign manufacturer parts

      Assign Manufacturer Parts

  4. To associate manufacturer parts, such as ferrules, to specific connector terminals:
    • Right click the connector > Select properties > Manufacturer parts and circuits > Highlight any part specific pins > Select Edit terminals > Modify terminal marks to desired pin location

      Editing Pin Specific Terminal Numbers

  5.  Add any necessary connector configurations to the project:
    • Project > Configurations > Connector > Select an appropriate configuration > Add to project

      Two configurations have been used, one for the base connector pins and the other for ferrule pins 

  6. Insert the connector:
    • Open a schematic drawing > Right click the connector > Insert connector > Select desired pins > Select configuration > Insert

      Insert Connector

  7. All associated connector parts are now inserted on the schematic and represented in the bill of materials.

    Connector with ferrule parts associated to pins 21 through 24

    Connector with ferrule parts associated to pins 21 through 24

Bill of materials for the connector

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