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SOLIDWORKS PCB 2018 Top 5 Enhancements Video

Article by Delvin Masilamani created/updated March 29, 2018

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design solutions were added to SOLIDWORKS two generations ago as a result of a partnership between DS SolidWorks and Altium. The partnership yielded two products:

  1. SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector, which connects Altium Designer to SOLIDWORKS.
  2. SOLIDWORKS PCB, which was developed by the combined efforts of DS SolidWorks and Altium. This product directly interfaces with SOLIDWORKS.


If you are catching up with this exciting PCB solution or if it your first time reading about SOLIDWORKS PCB,  I recommend taking a sneak peek of it in action with the video below:

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As a pioneering E-CAD and M-CAD integration tool, true to always delivering customer defined products, here are 5 favorites from the SOLIDWORKS PCB 2018 enhancements:

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