Help DS SolidWorks Improve the Performance of Large Assemblies and Drawings

Article by Adam Ferrer updated March 28, 2018


Submit SOLIDWORKS Software Performance Reports (SPR) and Enhancement Requests (ER)

Have you encountered SOLIDWORKS software performance that has hindered your workflow and caused frustration? One of the less known techniques for bug reports and performance enhancements requests is getting Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation attention by reporting issues directly to them and voting for enhancements. The most effective way to get DS SolidWorks to dedicate resources to solving these issues is by having a large amount of users vote on an SPR or ER. Issues with a large amount of supporters will be placed at higher priority than issues that are reported but not as common or heavily supported by other users.

Equally important is describing in as much detail as possible what the business impact for your company will be if the bug is not fixed, or if the enhancement is not implemented. Make sure that your explanation boils down to time and money.

These are the steps to create an Enhancement Request (ER) or vote on a pre-existing ER or SPR.

  1. Login to your customer portal account at if you do not have an account and don’t know how to set it up check out our how-to article.
  2. After signing in, on the home page navigate to My Support and select Enhancement Requests.

    Customer Portal

    Customer Portal

  3. Type in your enhancement request (such as Large design review) and search to see if it has previously been submitted by another user. If so, by selecting it and completing the form you are voting for that ER to be fixed.

    SOLIDWORKS Software Performance Enhancement request list

    Enhancement request list

  4. Fill out the required fields for your request (product version, reason for ER, and extra attachments) and then vote or create a new enhancement request.

    Enhancement Request Form

    Enhancement Request Form

SPRs are created for all reproducible SOLIDWORKS Software Performance defects which are reported to DS SolidWorks tech support. The process for SPRs is as follows:

  • DS Tech Support will only issue an SPR if the problem is reproducible in the current version with the newest service pack and in the version and service pack that the customer is using.
  • DS Tech Support will find an SPR in the database with the same issue and the hit countwill be incremented. The greater the customer hit count, the higher the priority it becomes for fixing.
  • A workaround will be provided if possible. If there is no workaround it will increase the priority of the SPR.

Severity level is assigned to an SPR based on the impact the problem has on a customer’s business. They are prioritized based on product impact, customer impact and the number of customers that have reported the problem.

Current SOLIDWORKS Software Performance SPRs

There is currently a list of SPRs that would improve SOLIDWORKS Software Performance for large assemblies and drawings if solved. If any of the following apply to you then please visit the customer portal and vote for them:

  • SPR 712870 Ability to open SolidWorks files in Large Design Review Mode.
  • SPR 659327 Ability to open any drawing as detached without having to first save it as deatched drawing.
  • SPR 1064818 Regression of new functionality SOLIDWORKS is not displaying last opened time.
  • SPR 1066436 Performance Evaluation ‘Modified on Open’ is missing from the new 2018 Performance Evaluation, even though should be there as per the Help File and What’s New document.
  • SPR 1010093 Image quality option Apply to all referenced part documents option at assembly level does not apply quality settings to referenced parts or sub assemblies.
  • SPR 773041 Ability to dimension SpeedPak elements in drawings.
  • SPR 442399 SpeedPak Drawings User would like to be able to create SpeedPak views in high quality.
  • SPR 567670 Ability to create a detached drawing containing a view of a SpeedPak configuration of an assembly.
  • SPR 556714 A DXF generated from a SpeedPak assembly drawing misses all lines based on ghost geometry.
  • SPR 539720 Detail views cannot be created from section views that have SpeedPak applied.
  • SPR 624141 Cannot predictably crop Drawing Views using a combination of SpeedPak and Non-SpeedPak sub-assemblies.
  • SPR 633445 Measure tool show incorrect location for circular references, when in Large design review mode.
  • SPR 723321 Lasso selection is not available in large design review.
  • SPR 1063660 Fully Defined Component is Moving when a Component Mated to it is Dragged’.
  • SPR 1063598 isolate does not work correctly in Large Design Review (LDR) mode if the file was last saved in 2018 version.
  • SPR 932887 Legacy dataset Components that should be hidden in snapshot are shown if assembly is opened in large design review.
  • SPR 933480 After using unload hidden components, mate error shows for mate defined by temporary axis and does not solve.
  • SPR 999176 Ability to define route C-points to SpeedPak.

DS SolidWorks is listening! You just have to vote to be heard.

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