SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D is the tool Mechanical Designers have been looking for

Article by Angus Hudson, CSWP updated April 16, 2018


Do you use SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to create the world that has yet to be? For those of you that answered yes, please keep up the fantastic work!

How do you handle electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic connections in your 3D designs?

Getting power to and from mechanical components is a critical design decision, and all too often is a task left to the manufacturing department. At minimum this limits the optimization of a design, but it can easily lead to a lack of standardization, production delays, and unnecessary costs from wasted material.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical System Schematics

System overview schematics can easily be created with information-rich symbols and interconnections.

No electrical design department? No problem!

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D is the solution designed for mechanical designers to be able to easily specify all of their connection information. SOLIDWORKS Electrical makes it easy to quickly draw high-level diagrams of system interconnects. Cable information, such as colour, diameter, and bend radius, can then be applied directly to these schematics, allowing you to easily capture information all in one place. If necessary, terminal specific connection information can be entered through streamlined dialogs, providing the flexibility for you to design as much or as little as the project requires.


The Routing Component Wizard is your complete solution to prepare any SOLIDWORKS component to

The Routing Component Wizard is your complete solution for preparing any SOLIDWORKS component to be used in a route.

As soon as the high-level overview is in place, you are ready to get back into the 3D world! 3D models of electrical components can be downloaded from the more than 20,000,000 parts available in the Online Content Portal, letting you get straight to routing cables. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D also simplifies the process of making your own models electrically intelligent with a wizard that automates creation of mates and reference points for wire and cable termini.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D Routing Process

The fully automated routing process produces realistic cable routes and automatically updates cable lengths in your reports.

Routing wires and cables in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D is fully automated, allowing you to completely wire your design with only a handful of clicks. It is also possible to define routing paths with 3D sketches, giving you full control over your design. Regardless of the methods used, exact wire lengths are automatically calculated, and can easily be published into reports. No more guess work, and no more time spent using the measure tool!

Get started with SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Adding SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D to your digital toolbox will increase the accuracy of your designs, provide you with valuable manufacturing data, all while saving you time and money. Contact us today to get started with this powerful, fully integrated tool!

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