The Benefits of Custom SOLIDWORKS On-site Training from Javelin

Article by Adam Ferrer updated May 16, 2018


Upgrading to a newer version of SOLIDWORKS is a big step in improving your business and productivity. Each year there are over 200 enhancements made to SOLIDWORKS so on top of upgrading to a newer version, training employees is crucial to maximizing the benefits of the upgrade and taking employees away from the office tends to be an unavoidable part of training. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize these sacrifices and make the process much more efficient. With custom SOLIDWORKS on-site training, certified SOLIDWORKS trainers will come to your office.

The custom training program is versatile and completely tailored to your company needs and focuses on what is most relevant to the goals and purpose of your business.

SOLIDWORKS On-site Training

SOLIDWORKS On-site Training

Benefits of On-Site Training

  • Live in-person interaction.
  • Employees don’t have to travel away from the office.
  • Tailored case studies related to your work (you can provide your own parts or assemblies to use for training samples).
  • First half of the day is course material and the second half is applying the lessons to employees in everyday work.
  • Instructors can help with troubleshooting projects, improving everyday functionality and optimizing settings.
  • Javelin provides all the necessary equipment such as laptops, file sets, manuals, and SOLIDWORKS software for training.

Custom On-site Training Content

Custom SOLIDWORKS on-site training can contain the same lecture and theory portion as the standard training but also has the advantage of being tailored to your needs — using your company’s own parts and assemblies. This is a huge advantage because it demonstrates the new SOLIDWORKS functions on models users are familiar with and the lessons include the parts and assemblies your company works with.

Here is how custom on-site training works:

  1. Javelin performs an in-depth productivity assessment with your users.
  2. Based on the results Javelin will collaborate with you to design a learning path with the relevant course modules that your team requires to meet your goals.
  3. A SOLIDWORKS Certified Instructor will deliver your tailored training either on-site at your location.

Team Training

Taking training with your peers is also an advantage of on-site training as lessons often spark group discussion that leads to experimenting and implementing lessons to solve problems and improve your processes. For example after learning the add-ons to Bill of Materials manipulation, one designer claimed they can reduce a portion of their design process from four days to one. He then requested to hold a meeting for designers to standardize a way of using this, which would cut down time spent on the Bill of Materials for all projects.

Custom SOLIDWORKS On-site training is a learning experience, team building experience, and beneficial to all parties participating in it.

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