Harness the Power of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

Article by Joseph Lyon updated May 25, 2018


SOLIDWORKS Electrical has gained notoriety for its design applications in power systems, user controls, cabinet layout, and electric machines, but what about as a wire harness design tool?


ATV model downloaded from <a href="https://grabcad.com/library/atv-19">GrabCAD</a>

ATV model downloaded from GrabCAD

ATV light bar wiring harness designed in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

ATV light bar wiring harness designed in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D


Wire Harness Design for any Industry

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D leverages your already existing SOLIDWORKS models, so no time is wasted manually calculating wire and cable lengths for harness manufacturing. SOLIDWORKS Electrical does the heavy lifting for us by taking 2D harness designs from either a single or multi line drawing and routing their paths in the 3D model. Existing project data such as device tags, manufacturer part information and connector pinouts are passed to SOLIDWORKS for use in documentation. Wire and cable lengths are calculated from the generated route and passed back to SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic for use in reports.

Routed wire harness design

Routed wire harness design


Documentation for Manufacturing

Once a wire harness design has been created it can then be flattened and prepared for documentation. Drawings can be created to annotation or formboard scale as required. Tables for the harness can be added including bill of materials, cut lists and from-to lists.

Flattened wire harness design

Flattened wire harness design

Read more to find out other ways SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D can help improve your design process.

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