Is it time to consider making the switch to SOLIDWORKS?

Article by Scott Ellery updated June 7, 2018


We are in an age where technology is changing faster than we can consume it, this can make it difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest in the CAD market and you may not be aware that your CAD platform could be limiting your design and document workflows.

With the ever changing landscape of CAD solutions we see many companies are making the switch to SOLIDWORKS. Here are the common questions we hear from companies that are re-evaluating their current 3D design solution:

Software Licencing

“We feel like our CAD provider is bullying us into a software as a service (SaaS) subscription license model!”

With most of the industry switching to a software as a service (Saas) model, SOLIDWORKS is dedicated to giving you the choice of the best solution that suits your needs. SOLIDWORKS provides both Perpetual licensing for a permanent license that you own, as well as Term licensing if you only need to bring on a temporary or co-op employee for a specific short-term job or project. We pride ourselves on leaving the choice in your hands instead of forcing you to comply.

Market share and Education

“It’s difficult to find employees that know our CAD Platform”

SOLIDWORKS is taught in almost every post-secondary institution in Canada, this makes it easy to find talent that is already up to speed on the platform. Javelin Technologies is the preferred SOLIDWORKS educational reseller in Canada and supports over 125 education facilities across the country and can help connect you with skilled graduates.

SOLIDWORKS is the most used CAD Solution on the professional market today, which means there are more potential employees who are proficient with SOLIDWORKS than any other 3D CAD system.

Features and Enhancements

“We are not seeing any major improvements to our system to help support our growth goals…”

SOLIDWORKS in not just a CAD system; it’s a platform. This gives you a toolbox that will connect your business with unparalleled features and connectivity. As the industry leader, SOLIDWORKS delivers hundreds of enhancements and ground breaking features in a new release every year.

Legacy Data

“Change is hard… What about all of our legacy data (IP)?”

Javelin has helped many companies make the switch to SOLIDWORKS. We understand how important your data is and can mentor and guide you through the process with best practices to leverage and migrate your intellectual property.

How Javelin can help you switch to SOLIDWORKS

Javelin Technologies has over two decades of experience providing the best in class 3D solutions to meet the growing demands of Canadian designers and manufacturers.

  • Javelin is the largest Canadian value-added reseller (VAR) with 9 offices from coast to coast supporting our over 6,000 Canadian businesses.
  • Our dedicated account managers will partner with you to find the best solutions to meet your business goals.
  • Award winning, certified technical staff will help you make the move and support your goals moving forward.

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Scott Ellery, CSWE

Scott Ellery is a CSWE and an avid contributor to the SOLIDWORKS Community, He is a ten time SOLIDWORKS World\3DExperience World Presenter and contributes regularly to SWUG meetings organized by four different user groups in Canada, Scott has worked with many CAD Software packages for over a decade in a multitude of different industries including Steel Fabrication, Injection Molding and Sheetmetal. With a background in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Design, Scott enjoys pushing SolidWorks to it's limits and teaching users to be as fast and efficient with SolidWorks as humanly possible.