Test out different Materials with SOLIDWORKS Simulation!

Article by Sam Sharkawi updated July 11, 2018


The extensive SOLIDWORKS Simulation materials library can be used for many things such as mass properties, simulation studies etc. These materials include accurate mechanical properties that come into effect when simulation studies are run.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation materials include steel, iron, aluminum, copper, titanium, zinc, non-metals, and many more:

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Materials Library

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Materials Library

Custom Materials

In addition to the standard material library, you also have the option of creating custom materials and adding in the mechanical properties! This amazing flexibility allows customers to test out non standard materials and allows for more customization.

Custom Materials

Custom Materials

The red property indicates mandatory fields while the blue indicates the optional fields.

When you are working on validating designs and working through concepts you need to be able to test out different designs that include different materials. For even more time savings you can use the online material database for even more materials!

Switching between different materials is done directly in the study and is done with a click!

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