Looking at SOLIDWORKS Thermal Distribution Simulation

Article by Sam Sharkawi updated July 17, 2018


There are many great modules included in the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional product suite such as Optimization, Buckling, Drop Test, as well as a powerful module called Thermal distribution simulation. The Thermal module allows you to accurately study temperature distribution in parts and assemblies.

All of the simulation modules are directly integrated with SOLIDWORKS! Once the model has been designed we can quickly validate the design:

Thermal Module

Thermal Module

The Thermal module is flexible and includes many great options such as choosing the type of study which we can do; steady state (static) as well as a transient study (see how the temperature changes over time). We can also apply thermal resistance contacts. Once everything is set we then have the extensive options for Thermal loads:

Thermal Options

Thermal Options

The list of thermal loads allows us to choose what is happening to the model AND we can also apply temperature curves! When the study has completed we get some great feedback in terms of temperature and heat flux!

thermal distribution simulation

Thermal Results

The Thermal module is included with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and can get those precious designs validated in no time, and provide an accurate thermal distribution simulation!

For more information download the white paper below, or if you have questions please feel free to contact us!

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