Saving SOLIDWORKS Animation Videos with Motion Blur

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated July 18, 2018


SOLIDWORKS animations and motion studies can be saved as a video (AVI file).  The PhotoView 360 renderer helps add realism to the animation with an option for Motion Blur.  This dynamic blurring visual effect gives more life to a moving object, making it seem that much faster.

When saving the AVI, select PhotoView 360 for the renderer (ensure you have the PhotoView 360 add-in enabled).  This will provide an option for Motion Blur.

  • Blur Length represents how long of a blur exposure is given.  The default is 50 which represents the shutter is open for half of the exposure time of the frame.
  • Blur Offset represents where in time the blur sample is taken.  The default is 0 but you can set the offset backward or forward.
SOLIDWORKS Animation Motion Blur

SOLIDWORKS Animation Motion Blur


Compare the two animation examples below to see the effect of adding a dynamic blurring visual effect:

Animation without Motion Blur


Animation with Motion Blur


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