SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 Stress Averaging at Mid-Side Nodes

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated September 16, 2018


SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 now includes an option that enables an improved stress averaging method for mid-side nodes of a high quality (second order) solid element.  A solid element is made up of a four-corner tetrahedral shape.  Each corner has an associated node.  High Quality elements include mid-side nodes to better represent curved geometry and allow for more accurate calculations through its deformation.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Stress Averaging High Quality Element

SOLIDWORKS Simulation High Quality Element

For elements with large aspect ratios, the new stress averaging method provides a more accurate calculation of stresses at these mid-side nodes.  For more information on Aspect Ratio and Mesh Quality Plots, visit our previous blog post Create a Refined Mesh in SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

The stress of the mid-side nodes is calculated by averaging the stress values at the associated corner nodes.  For example in the above element, if we are determining the stress at mid-side node #5 (StressNode5) we would take the average stress of nodes #1 (StressNode1) and #2 (StressNode2).

StressNode5 = (StressNode1 + StressNode2)/2

The new option can be found under the overall Simulation Default settings so all NEW studies have it enabled.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 Default Options

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 Default Options

You can also enable this option on a per-study basis in the Study Properties.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 Study Properties

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 Study Properties

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