Test the life of your models with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Fatigue Module

Article by Sam Sharkawi updated October 22, 2018


How do you know your models will last? Is there a warranty in place? What happens when you need to apply a cyclic load SOLIDWORKS has the tool to do exactly that! The SOLIDWORKS Simulation Fatigue Module is available with Simulation Standard and is included in every SOLIDWORKS Simulation package.

The fatigue module is a powerful tool but is simple and user friendly like the rest of the Simulation suite of modules, and is directly integrated:

Fatigue integrated into SOLIDWORKS

Fatigue integrated into SOLIDWORKS

With a fatigue study set up (static study, number of cycles), the results are presented and are clear and easy to read! We can see where the maximum damage will be:

Fatigue results: Maximum Damage

Fatigue results: Maximum Damage

We can also see how long certain areas of the model will last:

How long the model will last

How long the model will last

With this great module located in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard, it is easy and cost effective to find the life of the model!

Watch how the life of this bike pedal is optimized!

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