Three SOLIDWORKS Video Issues and how to solve them

Article by Shawn McEachern updated October 23, 2018


Experiencing SOLIDWORKS Video issues? Here are three common issues and how to solve them:

Assembly or part disappears

You are working away on your model and POW it disappears completely.



You zoom to fit, nothing. You zoom extents, nothing. You zoom to a component, nothing. You do a Ctrl-Q, nothing. You close the file and re-open it, nothing. All the component/features are listed and can be edited but the graphics area is blank.

The problem might be a glitch in the file that reset the bounding box of the model to be outside of the model space.

Try resetting your bounding box to see if it restores your model:

  1. Hit space to bring up the “View Palette.”
  2. Double click “Isometric.”
  3. Type CTRL-Q.
  4. Then save the assembly.

Model disappears when editing a feature

When editing a feature your model disappears leaving you with a sketch and nothing to reference. All is not lost, while editing the feature locate and expand the Solid Bodies folder in the feature tree. Hide then Show the Solid Bodies. Now, you should be back in business with a model that will not vanish when editing. Save the file.

Assembly components move and appear misaligned when rotating the model

This display issue causes the assembly components to shake, move when rotating an Assembly and appear misaligned when static. This can happen when changing the base mates in your Assembly on order to re-align the model. Simply position the Assembly in one of the predefined views. Hit the space bar to bring up the View palette select a predefined view and save the file. The model should now rotate normally.

NOTE: Always remember to always use a certified SOLIDWORKS Video Driver.

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