SOLIDWORKS Electrical Component Types

Article by Ish H. updated November 25, 2018


In SOLIDWORKS Electrical, the option to specify a component type is given to allow users to better classify and search for different components in their design:

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

The available SOLIDWORKS Electrical component types are:

  • Base: Base components have either a single reference or are the main reference if used in a component with multiple references. For example, a contactor would be defined as a base component in a design.
  • Auxiliary: Auxiliary components are components that are not bases, but are connected to a base AND serve an electrical purpose, sticking to the contactor example, this can for example be an overload relay used to protect a motor.
  • Accessory: Accessory components are very similar to Auxiliary components, with the difference being they do not serve an electrical purpose. Examples may include mounting screws, brackets, etc.

Choosing the right type can help make a design more efficient and easier to work with. It can make functions such as searching for example easier, as one can apply filters for the component type.

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