SOLIDWORKS MBD PDF Security Settings

Article by James Swackhammer updated February 8, 2019


SOLIDWORKS MBD has come a long way since it initially released back in 2015. Adding dimensions or using existing design dimensions to publish directly into a manufacturable PDF saves time and interpretation errors.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 has now added more features to the already innovative PDF.  You can now add security measures to the 3D PDF.

New PDF Security Settings

In the “Publish to 3D PDF” area there is a “Security Settings” button added right beside the “Browse” button. Clicking it will open up a new window.

Publish to 3D PDF

Publish to 3D PDF

This new window brings up some check boxes. You now can select:

  • Disable printing the 3D PDF
  • Disable editing the 3D PDF
  • Disable copying the 3D PDF

The PDFs created by SOLIDWORKS MBD were open ended, which means they could be edited by anyone. In the default templates there were empty boxes that provided the opportunity for notes to be passed along the line for the ideal approval and passed back down for any revisions. This function can now be locked out for any unwanted hands touching.

SOLIDWORKS MBD PDF Security Settings

SOLIDWORKS MBD PDF Security Settings

The same goes for printing and copying, both features prevent the PDFs being passed onto unwanted eyes as much as it can.

Adding a Password

Lastly, a password can be added to cover all bases of security. Check the box and enter the desired password. A warning though, this is not editable after the PDF is saved out. If you forget and need to change the password, it’s important to note that a new PDF is to be created.

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