How to Improve Machine Design Efficiencies While Reducing Non-value-added Work

Article by Rod Mackay updated May 12, 2022


Download Tech-Clarity’s research study below to discover the latest Machine Design best practices, find out where engineers lose the most time, and how to avoid non-value-added work.

Machine design efficiencies

Machine design efficiencies

About the Machine Design White Paper

Engineering is critical to the success of companies that develop machines, especially industrial equipment manufacturers. With steep global competition, machines with superior engineering stand out and win in the increasingly global market. However, many challenges hold engineers back, including:

  • Increasing complexity
  • Balancing cost and quality
  • Staying within budget
  • Managing lead times
  • And more…

Download the white paper to see how top-performing companies overcome these issues, and others, to increase revenue and speed time to market.

Model Based Definition for Machine Design and Industrial Equipment

For many Industrial Equipment designers, 2D Drawings are the mechanism to convey product information to suppliers and customers. These 2D drawings can be expensive and time consuming to create and maintain, and are often prone to interpretation errors. SOLIDWORKS MBD helps you define, organize, and publish 3D Product Manufacturing Information for both individual parts and complex installations. Watch the demo below to learn more:

Interested in SOLIDWORKS MBD?

How much time and money do you spend to create and maintain traditional 2D drawings?

As 3D design becomes more prevalent, the limitations of traditional 2D drawings become more apparent—expensive and time-consuming to create and maintain; prone to mismatch with the 3D model (leading to massive production waste); not compliant with widely accepted and mandated industry standards. Visit our website to learn more about SOLIDWORKS MBD »


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