Introducing Structure System in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Article by Rod Mackay updated July 8, 2019


SOLIDWORKS has long been an industry leader in the modelling of welded frames and their components. Quickly generating beam members based on 2D or 3D sketches and exporting a cut-list using weldments can save many hours of manual work and re-work when compared to traditional modelling techniques.

In SOLIDWORKS 2019 this process can be completed even more quickly through the use of the SOLIDWORKS Structure System. This new toolset allows us to:

  • Create and modify structural members of different profiles in a single feature.
  • Generate structural members using points, edges, reference planes, and surfaces, without any consideration for weldment groups.

The use of this new functionality will allow mechanical designers to be more efficient when designing complex welded frames, and will help ensure a more linear workflow that is more robust and intuitive than traditional SOLIDWORKS weldments.

SOLIDWORKS Structure System Demo

Have a look at the video below to see SOLIDWORKS Structure System in action:

More SOLIDWORKS 2019 Demos

Watch more demo videos to discover new enhancements to the SOLIDWORKS Solution Portfolio will help you maximize the productivity of your design and manufacturing resources, while allowing you to develop great products faster.

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