How to Align Breaks in a SOLIDWORKS Projected View with a Parent View

Article by Julian Wolf, CSWP updated September 4, 2019


A customer recently contacted me with a strange situation: they were unable to drag the breaks in a SOLIDWORKS projected view in their drawing. See the image below as an example: the bottom view is the parent view and the top view is the projected section view.

SOLIDWORKS Projected view with breaks

Projected section view with breaks

There is a setting in SOLIDWORKS to control this behaviour. Right-click the projected view where you would like to modify the breaks, then select “Properties”. There is a checkbox in the resulting window for “Align breaks with parent”. If this is selected, the breaks in the projected view are locked. De-select this option to modify the breaks.

"Align breaks with parent" option in Drawing View Properties

“Align breaks with parent” option in Drawing View Properties

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Julian Wolf, CSWP

Julian is an Applications Analyst and a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP), based in the Javelin Vancouver office.