SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 Add-in Performance Improvements

Article by Nadeem Akhtar updated October 11, 2019


In SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 the performance of the SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-in has improved significantly. Enhancements include the following:

  1. The SOLIDWORKS PDM task pane tree refreshes faster and the commands in the SOLIDWORKS PDM toolbar are correctly enabled in the task pane instantaneously when you select a file.
  2. The data in the task pane tree loads in the background when you select a file in the task pane tree. The calls to the database are eliminated.
  3. In the Feature Manager design tree or in the graphics area, when you right-click a file and select SOLIDWORKS PDM, the menus are correctly enabled.
  4. When you select a file in the graphics area or in the Feature Manager design tree, the file listed in the task pane tree is selected and all the available commands are enabled.
  5. The improved communication between client and the PDM Server delivers a faster experience over all in the CAD add-in similar to the File Explorer.

Watch the video below to learn more about these performance enhancements:

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Nadeem Akhtar

Nadeem Akhtar is a PDM Applications Analyst based in the Javelin Oakville Head Office.