SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 Performance Improvements

Article by Nadeem Akhtar updated November 5, 2019


The increased performance of SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 makes your day-to-day use faster than ever before. You no longer have to wait for file contents and their details to load to browse to a sub-folder. You can toggle between Bill of Materials, Contains, or Where Used tabs without delay while the data loads in the background.

Here is a list of some of the features that improved performance in PDM 2020:
  • Logging into the vault is faster if you set large number of files or folders for automatic caching.
  • Viewing the System History of a vault that includes a large number of items.
  • Opening a file from a folder that includes a large number of files.
  • Creating a new file or sub-folder in a folder that contains large number of files.

Watch the video below to learn more about the performance enhancements in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020:

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Nadeem Akhtar

Nadeem Akhtar is a PDM Applications Analyst based in the Javelin Oakville Head Office.