Organizing the Annotation Folder in SOLIDWORKS MBD

Article by James Swackhammer updated January 15, 2020


SOLIDWORKS MBD (model-based design/definition) has some new Annotation organizational features for the 2020 release. When viewing annotations, they can now be displayed per the annotation view. This will help you to identify PMI (Product & Manufacturing Data) for a specific view.



SOLIDWORKS strives best with bi-lateral communication between the graphics area and the design tree information. For example, when I click on a dimension in the tree, it will highlight where that is in the graphics area.

Annotation Folder

Sort by Annotation Type

The benefits of organizing the SOLIDWORKS MBD Annotation Folder are two-fold. Particular dimensions need to be on specific view captures as you see in the picture. If you like the older view of seeing your dimensions as one block, you can right click on the Annotations folder and select Sort Annotations By Type. For more MBD tips and trick check out our recent SOLIDWORKS MBD Sheet Metal and SOLIDWORKS MBD Security Check articles.

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