Changing the SOLIDWORKS PDM License Server

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated February 5, 2020


Changing the computer that is used as the SOLIDWORKS PDM License Server is actually very easy and can be accomplished quickly in a single step, even if there are many users or multiple vaults involved.

On any client computer, open the PDM Administration console and log into any vault as the Admin user.

Double click on the “Licensing” node to open the “Set License” dialogue.

Add Server

Add Server

On the Server List tab, click “Add…” then enter the port number (the default licensing port is 25734) and name of the new license server using the format 25734@servername.

Once you have added the new SOLIDWORKS PDM License Server, you can remove the existing server by selecting it in the list and clicking “Remove“.

The License node information is shared among all vaults whose databases reside on the same instance of Microsoft SQL Server, so if you have multiple vaults, you should only have to edit the License node once.

Once this change is made, all users should Exit out of SOLIDWORKS PDM and log back in so they can begin using the new SOLIDWORKS PDM License Server.

License Server has been changed

License Server has been changed

NOTE: If users do not log out, after about a 1 hour grace period, they will no longer be able to access the vault until they right-click on the PDM “blueberry” and Exit the software.

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