SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2020 supports AxF™ measured materials

Article by Shawn McEachern updated February 25, 2020


Traditionally, design teams have approximated the physical (optical) behavior of materials in digital tools through tedious and time-consuming manual re-creation and editing. These “hand-made” virtual representations are neither accurate nor able to be shared across the numerous design and rendering tools.

AXF Materials

AxF Material Examples

AxF™ files from X-Rite are used to capture, store, edit, and communicate complex material characteristics through digital material representations, most notably measured materials, from their BTF scanning technology. This vendor neutral format enables the creation of full-scale digital mock-ups featuring even sophisticated materials such as special-effects paints, leather, plastics, fabrics, wood, and brushed metals. AxF accelerates time to market by reducing design time and approval cycles. AxF ensures that design and marketing teams achieve a consistent look and feel from digital prototyping to showroom and point-of-sale environments.

To add .axf files to a project, drag from Windows Explorer into your scene or click Palette > Appearances > Add > Import Appearances.

See the video below for more information on x-rite and visit the X-rite website for free samples.

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