How can I work remotely during COVID-19 Isolation or Quarantine Response?

Article by Ryan Moffett updated March 17, 2020


Working from home strategies have been increasing in popularity over the last few years.  Since the global pandemic of COVID-19 has begun, more workers, engineers and designers will need to work from home or remotely.  Remotely or at the office, talented producers need to be able to access their digital tools in order to keep producing great work.

Remote Desktop, Private Networking and Cloud Computing options have developed greatly and can provide access to the tools that you need.  Here are some options to discover, or contact us to talk about.

Work remotely with remote desktop tools

Work remotely

1. Remote Desktop Tools

In the event that you find yourself at home or working from home, without the access to your physical workstation, Remote Desktop Tools can help you out.  The Remote Desktop software gets installed on workstation and on the home computer.  The workstation client can be configured to allow remote access, using a secure username and password.  The home computer can then see and interact with the workstation computer, in a window on the home computer’s desktop.

Check out some of these products for remote desktop tools:

2. VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can provide a solid, encrypted link between your home or remote location to your office.  With a VPN connection, you can access all of the network drives, servers or workstations that you could if you were directly in your office.  VPN connections are a Server-Client relationship.  The server side is at the main office and will have a firewall, router or other appliance that supports incoming VPN clients.  The client side is your home computer with a VPN client or built-in Windows or Mac network connection.

VPNs will usually require an IT professional to help (Javelin may be able to help you with this).

3. Cloud Options

Cloud options are available for those that don’t have access to the hardware at home OR at the office to work on.  All you need is a simple laptop, desktop or even a Chromebook to connect!  Cloud Computing can give us all of the horsepower of a CAD design workstation and office infrastructure, in a remote desktop window, with a familiar Windows 10 interface.  Cloud based Virtual Machines can be scaled in hardware specifications to meet the needs of the workloads.  Billing is metered by the minute (or even millisecond!), so you only pay for the compute time that you use.  Some more advanced options could be connecting your SOLIDWORKS CAD software to your SOLIDWORKS PDM Data Management or SOLIDWORKS Manage solutions.

Need Help?

Javelin has an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified staff to help you get going with remote tools, networking or Javelin Cloud PDM and CAD solutions. Javelin’s AWS staff are skilled at cloud infrastructure and application migration, we can help you to Plan, Design, Build, Migrate, Run, Operate, and Optimize your remote service. Learn more about our Cloud Services »

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