Search within different variables using SOLIDWORKS PDM Quick Search

Article by Justin Williams updated March 4, 2020


With the new Quick Search feature included in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020, it’s possible to search within multiple variables right from Windows Explorer;

SOLIDWORKS PDM Quick Search - Searching within multiple variables


By default, when searching using an AND or NOT operator, it will search for both values within the same variable.

In this example, we want to search all files for any parts that contain Brace in the Description variable AND Stainless Steel in the Material variable;

Brace AND Stainless Steel
Incorrect PDM search

Blank PDM search results

This search returns blank because none of the selected variables to search contain both values Brace and Stainless Steel

How to search in different variables using Quick Search

To search within different variables when using a AND or NOT operator requires a colon (:) prefix;

: Brace AND Stainless Steel
Correct search syntax

Correct search syntax

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