SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Tutorial

Article by Rod Mackay updated October 15, 2020


Interested in managing your SOLIDWORKS large assembly more effectively? Watch this video tutorial from Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert Alin Vargatu, as he gives you a taste of SOLIDWORKS large assembly training available from Javelin.

SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Problem

One of the biggest issues that SOLIDWORKS users face is wasted time when working with large assemblies and their related drawings. Typically large assembly issues are attributed to slow hardware, network configuration, or software problems. Based on years of experience helping customers with large assembly issues we have found that adopting the latest SOLIDWORKS techniques and best practices will deliver dramatic speed improvements.

Our Workshop Solution

Attend our SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly and Drawing Workshop to identify all the culprits that affect your assembly performance; such as file size, the number of components, number of mates, type of mates, number of update holders, the type of in-context relations, imported parts, or tessellation settings. We will show you how to pinpoint the culprits and use Large assembly tools to increase performance and load your assemblies in the shortest time possible.

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