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Article by James Swackhammer updated November 28, 2020


Does the uncapitalized “e” on eDrawings bother you, too? Well that is one change that didn’t make it in SOLIDWORKS 2021. However, there are a bunch of new improvements and one I would like to discuss is the inclusion of File Properties. 

Starting in 2021, eDrawings can now read File Properties and Configuration Specific Properties on parts and assemblies. This is particularly useful for a quick look at material type, weight and whatever other File Property your company uses. The parts or assemblies last saved will display all the details. 

With the application and file open, there will be a new icon in the bottom right that looks similar to the SOLIDWORKS icon. When clicking on that it will reveal the Custom File Properties and it can be toggled between the Configuration Specific File Properties. To turn it off, simply click the button again. 

Far bottom right is the File Properties.

Far bottom right is the File Properties.

eDrawings File Properties Limitations

There are a few limitations to this, as we are not able to change configurations in eDrawings yet. This also doesn’t work with weldment individual parts. The last place this doesn’t work is the mobile eDrawings, as this might be temporary and a pending update could be coming for the Android & IOS application.  

SOLIDWORKS part/assembly Custom File Properties

SOLIDWORKS part/assembly Custom File Properties

Configuration Specific Properties

Configuration Specific Properties

For a really cool eDrawings assembly walkthrough please check out this article

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