Export Interference Detection Results in SOLIDWORKS 2021

Article by Justin Williams updated November 30, 2020


In SOLIDWORKS 2021 we now have the ability to export Interference Detection Results as a spreadsheet.  This can be useful in scenarios, where you need to compare similar designs, or maybe the analysis further examination outside of SOLIDWORKS.

How to Export Interference Detection Results

  • From within SOLIDWORKS run Interference Detection
    • Select Calculate 
      • Then Save Results
Export Interference Detection - Save Results

Save Results

  • Navigate to the export location, give the file a name then hit Save
Export Interference Detection - Save Location

Save Location

And the results are created as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet;

Export Interference Detection - Without Images

Export Interference Detection – Without Images

How to include preview images

We can also include images.  When selecting the export path, check Thumbnails, then hit Save;

Export Interference Detection - Thumbnails Checked

Include thumbnails

Export Interference Detection - Generating Thumbnails

And preview images of the interferences will be included;

SOLIDWORKS Exported Interference Detection With Images

SOLIDWORKS Exported Interference Detection With Images

Note: if there are numerous results, this may take some time to complete

Why is my Save Results button greyed out?

Save Results requires Microsoft Excel to be installed if not the option will be inactive.

Export Interference Detection - Greyed Out

Greyed Out Save Results

Where can I learn more about interference detection?

Why not try one of our SOLIDWORKS Online Training courses.  Running interference detection is covered in our SOLIDWORKS essentials course, and again in more detail within one of my personal favourites; the Assembly modelling course, along with lots of others tips and tricks on all the tools at your disposal while creating complex assemblies.

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