SOLIDWORKS 2021 Dark Mode Enhancement

Article by Justin Williams updated November 27, 2020


I’m a big fan of Windows Dark Mode or any app that offers it for that matter.  The darker my screen is the better.  Although SOLIDWORKS does not have an official complete ‘Dark Mode’ option, we can make a few changes to make it more aesthetically pleasing to us dark screen folks.

How to change the SOLIDWORKS background to Dark Mode

  • SOLIDWORKS > Tools > Options
SOLIDWORKS > Tools > Options

Access SOLIDWORKS Options

  • System Options > Colors
    • Background > Dark
SOLIDWORKS Dark Background Option

SOLIDWORKS Dark Background Option

and the result…



This likely isn’t new to many users as this setting has been around since the 2016 release.  What is new with the 2021 release, is that the Welcome Dialog Box will follow this setting and match the background colour, set previously;

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Display vs 2021

SOLIDWORKS 2020 display vs SOLIDWORKS 2021

Resulting in a more unified appearance across the board.

Sure, aesthetics are cool but where can I learn some real tips and tricks?

If you’re interested in anything SOLIDWORKS then we have a variety of   SOLIDWORKS training courses to choose from. But if you’re an experienced user and looking to incorporate all the new features included with the 2021 release, our Advanced Update course is a great place to start.

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