SOLIDWORKS Manage Database Debug Log

Article by Justin Williams updated November 23, 2020


Using the SOLIDWORKS Manage Database Debug Mode can generate a log file that can be analyzed by your support team, to help expedite the troubleshooting process.  Database debug mode needs to be activated at the user level and the log will store the last 100 SQL Database queries.

How to enable Database Debug Mode

  • Within manage, go to Options > My Options
Database Debug Log - My Options

My Options

  • General Tab
    • Log Options
      • Enable;
        • Database debug mode
        • Log File debug mode
Database Debug Log Viewer - Enable

Database Debug Log Viewer

This option can be disabled manually by the user, or will be deactivated automatically after 24 hours

With this enabled, a log file will be created with more detailed error messages on the selected user’s machine in C:\ProgramData\SwmLogFiles which can then be submitted to technical support for troubleshooting issues within SOLIDWORKS Manage.

Database Debug Log - Log File

Log File

How to access the Database Debug log Viewer

With the 2021 release and later versions, administrators can access the log using the Database Debug Log Viewer;

  • Start the SOLIDWORKS Manage Administration Tool
Administration Tool

Administration Tool

  • Select Audit Trail
    • Database debug mode tab
      • From the dropdown select the User(s)
        • Press Search
System Administration - Database Debug Mode

Database Debug Mode

This will display all database transactions for the selected User(s).

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