SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021 Geometry Corrections for Curved Surfaces in Contact

Article by Julian Wolf, CSWP updated November 24, 2020


SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021 has improved the calculations for curved surfaces that come into contact by integrating geometry correction factors. These help improve the accuracy of linear static studies involving cylindrical, spherical and conical contacting surfaces.

Take the two cylindrical rings below. After creating a separate configuration with a quarter model of the assembly, the two rings were meshed independently, with the inner ring using a draft quality, high density mesh, and the outer ring using a high quality, low density mesh.

Meshed ring assembly

Prior to meshing, a no-penetration contact set was applied at the contacting surfaces, and a pressure load was applied on the outer surface of the outer ring. The results from SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 and 2021 are shown below.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 displacement plot

As shown in the SOLIDWORKS 2020 displacement plot, there are inconsistencies at the contacting faces between the two rings. Thanks to the improved contact detection algorithm in SOLIDWORKS 2021 there is a smooth transition across the contact set.

SOLIDWORKS 2021 displacement plot

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