SOLIDWORKS 2021 Sheet Metal Circular Edge Flange

Article by James Swackhammer updated December 4, 2020


Colour me surprised when I read in the SOLIDWORKS 2021 What’s New Manual that we can now place Edge Flanges on circular or nonlinear edges.

In the previous version this is what it looked like when we tried to select a circular edge. There was just no response and no highlighting. What we had to do was a Swept Flange. There is nothing wrong with the Swept Flange, but it requires an extra step with the profile sketch, much like a Swept Boss.

No circular edge flange with SOLIDWORKS 2020 and prior

No circular edge flange with SOLIDWORKS 2020 and prior

This is a like a satisfying before and after commercial. Take a look at the edge in 2021. It highlights and recognizes. The process to create the nonlinear Edge Flange is the exact same as a regular Edge Flange. Same feature, same workflow.

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Edge Flange on circular edge

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Edge Flange on circular edge

To find Edge Flange you will use the Sheet Metal toolbar, search with the top right or Insert > Sheet Metal > Edge Flange.

We recommend using the Sheet Metal tab for all the sheet metal commands.

As per usual, we can select multiple circular edges but now, we can combine this with linear edges as well.

Did you know that the Sheet Metal module is used for more than just Sheet Metal? Did you also know that flat patterns and bounding box dimensions can be created with automation built within SOLIDWORKS? Check out our SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal training course taught by professionals from the industry.

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