SOLIDWORKS MBD 2021 Bend Tables

Article by James Swackhammer updated December 15, 2020


This is personal opinion time; I think SOLIDWORKS MBD will be the new future in terms of drafting. Right now it’s a hidden gem that’s not being fully utilized. Its maximum potential has yet be realized by the mass of engineering folks. While SOLIDWORKS MBD has been around for the better part of this decade, the increase in functions continues to grow.

Sheet metal was a sore spot when SOLIDWORKS MBD first came out, but it now has everything we need to make a proper drawing or drawing-less package. For the 2021 release, SOLIDWORKS MBD added the Sheet Metal bend tables to the exported PDF. Bend Tables are great for complex parts with many bends and really clean up a drawing.

The 3D PDF options for Publish and Edit

The 3D PDF options for Publish and Edit

First we must edit the exported PDF. With SOLIDWORKS open within the MBD tab, near the far right is the 3D PDF Template Editor. In the Insert area of the command manager you can find the Bend Table option. Make sure you have enough room to add, and possibly use a new sheet if you have to.  Save and close that.

Bend Table in the Insert area

Bend Table in the Insert area

You may have all your views captured with the many callouts and dimensions, but make sure to insert the Bend Table. The view with the Bend Table doesn’t have to be captured. The inserted Bend Table is more like a placeholder for the exported PDF. But, I do suggest using the view with the table in it, as it could cause confusion without because of the tags for the table will be missing. When you get to the publish page, you will notice a new item in the left menu. This is our Bend Table and the options underneath it.

Left Menu with the new drop down for Bend Table

Left Menu with the new drop down for Bend Table


This is how you update SOLIDWORKS MBD export to include the Bend Table instead of viewing in the graphics area. View the SOLIDWORKS MBD category to learn more tips and tricks, specifically Datum Targets now available in SOLIDWORKS MBD 2021.

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