How to hide and show a BOM in SOLIDWORKS Composer Animations

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 26, 2021


SOLIDWORKS Composer geometric actors or collaborative actors such as a BOM can be shown or hidden in an animation.

If once the actor is hidden it will remain hidden throughout the animation and if we try to show the actor, it will be visible throughout the animation. Hence, hide or show is not the right tool/property to be used in this case. The control of actor display can be achieved by changing the opacity property of the actor.

Steps to hide/show BOM

Follow the steps below to first show the BOM, then hide it and then show it back without using the hide/show property:

  1. Place the time-bar at a specific time frame, lets say 1 second.
  2. Either drag and drop the view from the Views Tab that has a BOM within it or Click generate BOM Ids and Show/hide the BOM table using the BOM workshop pane.
  3. Now click on the BOM in the viewport and observe the opacity property is set to the maximum which is 255 in a Composer property manager.
Maximum opacity-BOM shown

Maximum opacity-BOM shown

  1. To hide the BOM at 3 seconds place the time-bar at the 3 second mark > Click on the BOM > Change opacity property to zero.
Zero Opacity-BOM hidden

Zero Opacity-BOM hidden

  1. Now the BOM will be completely hidden at the 3 second mark and it starts getting lighter from 1 to 3 seconds and will have completely disappeared at 3 seconds.
  2. However, if you would like to hide the BOM at 2.9 seconds, place the time-bar at 2.9 seconds and now set opacity property to the maximum. This will make the BOM disappear quickly at 2.9-3 seconds while still showing it between 1-2.9 seconds.

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