Why Javelin Authorized SOLIDWORKS Training is the best option

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated February 26, 2021


Where should you go for the best SOLIDWORKS training, a College, University, or an Authorized SOLIDWORKS Training Centre?

So you realize that training is a vital aspect for growth and increased productivity at your company, but where should you go for the best training? The choices are broad and varied, from college and university courses to books and videos to training consultants and more. You might start looking for the cheapest option but a poor training experience can cause more frustration and time lost. Javelin Technologies’ high quality training services will quickly increase the efficiency of any designer by teaching the full potential of SolidWorks and its products.

You might start looking for the cheapest option but a poor training experience can cause more frustration and time lost

Through my university experience obtaining a B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering I took two CAD courses in 3D Design. I had assumed that spending a full semester in each course would turn me into a parametric modeling guru. In the end less time was spent actually learning the software and more used for teaching the theory. Don’t get me wrong, as engineers this is crucial to validate the output, but now you must learn the software yourself. College and university courses teach the fundamentals, develop your problem solving skills, and open your mind to learn so much more. Yet now you’re in the workforce and want to use this specific software to the utmost potential. Post-secondary courses can only lay the ground work and inspire you to grow.



What is the most effective method for learning SOLIDWORKS?

If we know the basics and the theory, what is the most effective method for learning SOLIDWORKS? Books and videos are an invaluable source of knowledge. Enormous volumes of step-by-step instructions and video lessons have been compiled over the years. These sources are useful for learning the tools and commands, however there are significant limitations. It’s rare to find someone who enjoys sitting down alone with an exorbitantly thick manual to start. Motivation levels can drop quickly when you realize that you need to read, then understand, and finally remember this information. Where do you turn if you don’t understand something? You end up rereading the pages many times until something clicks or you give up.

Books and videos are an invaluable source of knowledge but where do you turn if you don’t understand something?

These resources are great for reference but they will always contain generic examples that may not fully apply to you. Until artificial intelligence is born, these methods cannot answer the questions that haven’t been pre-programmed.

Go beyond the standard commands and learn best practices

Among the options, only Javelin’s instructor-led courses provide the best environment to learn the products and immediately take this knowledge and confidence to your workplace. Our certified instructors provide the reassuring voice to answer any questions. We bring enthusiasm to the classes as we know the software can help your company in countless ways. Through years of experience, we go beyond the standard commands to show best practices. As our instructors rotate between teaching and providing technical support, we remain current with the latest developments and enhancements. This also allows us to form ongoing relationships with our user base so no one is left in the dark.

Location does not have to be a barrier

Recently, Javelin has relocated to a new head office in Oakville, Ontario to provide the best facilities to students with a professional training environment and the ability to experience the latest technologies with our Additive Manufacturing Centre. With training facilities across Canada, along with laptops for our Mobile Training Centre, and LIVE Online Courses — location does not have to be a barrier. Javelin’s training expertise will equip you with the skills and insight to use SOLIDWORKS with confidence.

Learn more about Javelin Training and download a price list, and view our upcoming training schedule.

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